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Advertise With provides a multi tiered marketing and promotion program geared toward increasing your business or organizations visibility and brand. We focus on a more broadened effort to cover the ground of marketing through both the internet and print. Our internet programs include promoting your business through our Featured Business Profiles which include:

  • A detailed, SEO Optimized Profile Page dedicated to YOUR business
  • Coupon offers and discounts to enhance your call to action from consumers
  • Weekly email marketing to our opt-in subscriber list(s) sharing our newest coupons
  • Promotion through our Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.)
  • Unlimited article submission for promoting the happenings in your business
  • & more! print media consists of our in store Business Card kiosks. We network with local medium to high volume traffic locations (restaurants, service stations, salons, etc.) to place our patented Business Card Kiosks within their stores. We then fill and restock our Business Card Kiosks with Business CouponCards that we provide. Each CouponCard is a local business serving Valparaiso and has a special offer on it.

    Let Us Put YOUR Business Card Back To Work! not only provides a highly optimized source of internet branding and advertising but we also focus on hands on marketing of your company. With out Patent Pending CouponCard(tm) business card dispensers we have the ability to keep your card in the “flow” of new traffic each and every day. Our CouponCard units are built and placed specifically for each and every location we acquire. With that we focus on getting your business card coupons to patrons of local restaurants, service centers, dentist and doctors offices, strip malls, fast food chains and many more locations.

    ValpoCoupons Business Card Marketing